Sourcerer FAQ
What does Sourcerer do to analyze my repos?
Sourcerer looks for generic statistics, such as the number of lines of code you wrote in python, or the number of times you used a particular library. This data is aggregated and then built into a visual profile of your abilities, habits, and preferences.

When using the app, this analysis happens locally on your machine to repositories of your choosing. This data is then aggregated and then the statistics are sent to our servers to build your profile. We do not upload your code anywhere, and we never will.

Can you analyze my repositories on GitHub?
Yes. We offer a quick method to create an account using GitHub’s OAuth. You can access it here. This method will look at your publicly available repos on GitHub and construct your profile from them.
I already created an account with my GitHub. How do I then use the app?
You will receive an email from us with an auto-generated password for you to use with the app. You will use this password and the associated email from your GitHub account when configuring the app. More on our app can be found here.
Can you analyze my private repositories on GitHub?
Unfortunately we do not. You will need to use our app to analyze any of your private repositories to have them associated with your profile.
What version control systems do you support?
We currently only support Git at the moment. Please check back soon as we plan to include other systems.
What languages do you currently support
We support the most popular languages. Our current list of supported languages can be found here. We continuously expand our support so please check back often for updates.
What libraries do you currently support?
Our full list of supported libraries can be found here. We continuously expand our support so please check back often for updates.
Where can i learn more about the sourcerer app?
Our app is open source and distributed under The MIT License. You can find our public repository on GitHub.
I want a sourcerer profile. Where do I begin?
It’s easy! Check out our “How’s it work” page to start.
How do I uninstall the sourcerer app?
To uninstall the app run command sourcerer --uninstall .
How do I use the sourcerer app?
Run the app with the flag --help for more information.
Why should I verify my repositories?
To help protect the authenticity of your data we cross reference commits from coworkers within the same repository. This simple verification process allows us and the others who view your profile to have confidence in the work you are presenting.
How do I verify my repositories?
Each repository line on your profile can be expanded to show additional information. Included in this information is a list of coworkers from said repo. From here you can select a user to invite to verify its authenticity.
Why is my profile empty?
We use commit author email to identify the author of a commit. Please check what emails you are using with your repos using git log. You can add new emails using the sourcerer app and then process your repos again.

Currently, we are not counting commits that are created with local email (e.g. "user@machine.(local)"), stay in touch.

When signing up from GitHub keep in mind that repo analysis is only available for public repositories. Private repos will be skipped. Please, use our app to process those repos.

See your processing page for detailed per repo logs.

Contact us at if a problem still can't be resolved.
I don’t like all of my statistics. Can I remove them?
Absolutely! You are in full control with your profile at sourcerer. To edit a section, click on the pencil in the top right hand corner of each section. This will toggle edit mode and allow you to remove or add back items of your choosing.
Can I add my own information?
With the exception of your “About” and “Work Experience” sections, all data on a sourcerer profile is derived from your past and current work in your repositories. The best way to add something to your profile is by working with new libraries, technologies, or languages. The next time you run the Sourcerer app it will discover them.
How can I suggest a new library, language, or technology to support?
We love user input. If you are dying to see something new supported please send us an email at and we’ll be in touch.
How can I delete my profile?
You have full control over your profile under Settings and can close your account there. To help us improve the service we would love any feedback that you may care to share with us before doing so. Feel free to email us your issues and suggestions at and we promise to be in touch shortly.
How can I report a bug?
If you encounter a bug, please take the time and file an issue for us at our GitHub. Your help is greatly appreciated!
What browsers do you support?
We designed to support the latest web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.